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Georgie Lawson


High Value: $880

Minimum Value: $10

All Teen #20 (1947)

All Teen #20 (1947) is a notable comic book that follows the lives of young adults as they navigate the challenges of growing up. The comic is packed with intriguing stories that highlight different aspects of life, including the ups and downs of love, friendship, and career. Hold That Smile, one of the featured stories, tells the tale of a young woman who works as an usherette in a cinema. She falls in love with a customer and must navigate the complexities of a workplace romance. The Inferior Decorators, another story in the book, is equally captivating. It follows the hilarious antics of two men who operate a small-time decorating business and always seem to find themselves in the middle of trouble. Willie Horns In! is another story that promises to keep readers on the edge of their seats. It follows the tale of a young man who dreams of becoming a jazz trumpeter. However, his father disapproves of his choice of career and forbids him from pursuing his passion. Hedy Has a Plan! is another engrossing story that takes readers on a journey through the world of fashion. Finally, Plane Facts! is a gripping tale that explores the world of aviation and the lives of those who make a living in the skies. All Teen #20 (1947) is an excellent comic book that provides valuable insights into the teenage experience of the time. It's a must-read for anyone who loves vintage comics and wants to relive the nostalgia of yesteryears.

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