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Gary Concord


High Value: $4,900

Minimum Value: $58

All-American Comics #9 (1939)

In All-American Comics #9, we delve deeper into the origin story of Gary Concord, the Ultra-Man. Written and illustrated by the talented Jon L. Blummer, also known as Don Shelby, this comic follows Gary as he discovers his unique ability to breathe outside the domed cities. This power sets him apart from the rest of the population and leads to exciting adventures. Along with Gary's story, readers will enjoy Mutt and Jeff strips by Al Smith, Believe It or Not by Robert L. Ripley, and other thrilling tales. Take a journey with these beloved characters and explore the world outside the dome cities in All-American Comics #9. At Comics Into Cash, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of the comic book industry and our reputation for providing accurate appraisals and purchasing collections. Visit our website to learn more, including our Top 100 lists and price guides.

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