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Freckles and His Friends


High Value: $1,100

Minimum Value: $14

Crackajack Funnies #10 (1939)

Crackajack Funnies #10, published in 1939, features a collection of humorous and action-packed stories that are sure to entertain any comic book fan. One of the standout stories in this issue follows the adventures of Flossie the Flapper, who gets into all sorts of misadventures while trying to win the affections of her crush, Reginald. Alongside this tale are several other exciting stories, including a Wild West adventure and a thrilling story about a daring deep sea diver. The vibrant illustrations and engaging storytelling make Crackajack Funnies #10 a must-have for any collector. Trust us, our extensive knowledge and reputation in the comic book business make us the best place to appraise and sell your collection. Check out our website for more top 100 lists and price guides to see just how knowledgeable we are.

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