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High Value: $7,000

Minimum Value: $84

The Flash #108 (1959)

In The Flash #108 (1959), we meet the speedster, Barry Allen, and his companion, Iris West, at a Fourth of July picnic. During their leisure time, Barry's mind wanders to his latest heroic adventure as The Flash. The Flash had been tricked into measuring his top speed for science and was bombarded with a strange radiation that forced him to run or face certain death. But, little did he know, he was being held in place by a beam of radiation that beyond his control. With every attempt to slow down, The Flash found that he continued to run at an increasing speed that brought him closer to his demise.

The Flash then realized that he would need to exceed the speed of light if he were to break free of the radiation beam. In his efforts to find a way out, The Flash's scientific curiosity was piqued by a piece of fulgurite that suddenly vanished. After further investigation, he learned that several museums had reported similar thefts of fulgurite, and he found himself in the pursuit of an alien speedster who was stealing them away.

In the end, The Flash discovered that the aliens were taking any object struck by lightning on Earth back to their planet, Mohru, where they drew out the essence of the lightning to give themselves super-speed. As he was the only one who could stop them, they attempted to take him out, but he prevailed. In a separate story, we meet Grodd, a gorilla with a genius mind, who planned to conquer Earth with his army of gorillas. The Flash was the only hope for Earth, but he needed to first uncover "The Super-Gorilla's Secret Identity!"

High Value: $5,000

Minimum Value: $60

The Flash #112 (1960)

This comic book follows the story of The Flash and the emergence of the brand new hero, the Elongated Man. Based in Central City, The Flash quickly realizes that he is no longer the only superhero in town as the Elongated Man manages to steal all the limelight. However, when the possibility arises that the Elongated Man may actually be a thief, The Flash steps into action to investigate. It leads to a thrilling race to uncover the truth, and when things take a dangerous turn, the two heroes must work together to save the day.

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High Value: $3,600

Minimum Value: $44

The Flash #113 (1960)

The Flash #113 is a truly exhilarating read. The story follows the Flash as he faces off against the cunning and elusive Trickster, whose harlequin clown costume mocks the world. With a clear pair of heels and a quick wit, the Trickster gives the Flash a run for his money time and time again.

But don't worry, dear reader, the Flash has a few tricks up his own sleeve. In a heart-stopping moment at the circus, the World's Fastest Human unveils a spectacular new trick of his own! The excitement of this issue is palpable, and you'll find yourself on the edge of your seat as the action unfolds.

Fun fact: this issue marks the first appearance of the Trickster, a classic Flash villain who has continued to bedevil our hero to this day.

But that's not all! The Man who Claimed the Earth is also included in this incredible comic book. In this storyline, a lone spaceman lands on Earth and proclaims it a colony of his native planet, wielding tremendous powers to enforce his authority. Even our speedy hero, the Flash, struggles to put a stop to him.

As you can see, The Flash #113 is a must-read for any comic book fan, full of danger, intrigue, and excitement. At Comics Into Cash, we know a great comic when we see one, and this one is definitely worth its weight in gold. If you're looking to sell your comic book collection, you can trust us to offer a fair price and a smooth transaction.

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