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High Value: $1,100

Minimum Value: $13

Daredevil #168 (1981)

If you happen to own the classic Daredevil #168, then you're sitting on a true gem that's ripe for appraisal. This unforgettable issue marked Frank Miller's writing debut on Daredevil, setting the stage for his legendary status in the world of comics. In this particular story, the devil of Hell's Kitchen, Daredevil, sets out to clear a man falsely accused of murder. Along the way, he runs into old flame Elektra, and they share a heart-stopping kiss. It's a must-have for any fan of the character or comic collecting enthusiast. If you're ready to sell your collection, or just want to know what your comics are worth, give us a call. Comics Into Cash is your trusted source, and we'll get you a fair price for your collection.

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