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High Value: $5,000

Minimum Value: $60

Negro Romance #2 (1950)

Have you heard of Negro Romance #2 from 1950? Trust me, it's a must-read for any comic book fan or collector. The stories, written by Roy Ald and illustrated by Alvin Hollingsworth, are groundbreaking and authentic portrayals of love and relationships within the black community. Plus, there's a bonus two-page text story by Lee Lacey that will leave you in awe.

Not only is this comic historically significant, it's also a rare find for collectors. With its powerful storytelling and stunning artwork, it's no wonder why this comic is highly sought after. And don't worry, if you're looking to sell your collection, our team at Comics Into Cash is here to provide fair appraisals and top-dollar offers. Trust us to help you get the most out of your valuable comic book collection.

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