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Dopey Danny Dee


High Value: $750

Minimum Value: $9

Captain Marvel Adventures #114 (1950)

Captain Marvel Adventures #114 is a comic book full of action and adventure, as our hero battles against a variety of foes. In "Captain Marvel Battles the Magnetic Menace Dopey Danny Dee," the titular character goes up against a villain with the power of magnetism. Meanwhile, "Foreign Tongue Judge Smudge" sees Captain Marvel taking on a cunning international judge, and "A Jon Jarl Adventure" features the hero embarking on an epic quest. The issue also includes a text story called "The Crime Genie," as well as several other action-packed tales. With so many exciting adventures packed into one comic, it's no wonder that Captain Marvel is still a beloved hero today. So if you're a fan of classic comics or just looking to get into the genre, Captain Marvel Adventures #114 is a must-read! And if you have a collection of comic books, be sure to reach out to Comics Into Cash for a trustworthy appraisal and possible sale.

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