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High Value: $1,000

Minimum Value: $12

Caliber Presents #1 (1989)

Looking for a comic that's got it all? Look no further than Caliber Presents #1 from 1989. This issue is packed full of action, drama, and heart, with stories ranging from the supernatural to the gritty streets. One standout piece is "CUDA: Heart of Darkness" by Tim Vigil, Tim Tyler, and Kimberley Richardson. This story explores the depths of the human psyche and takes readers on a journey through the darkest recesses of the soul. Another notable story is "The Crow: Inertia" by James O'Barr. Fans of The Crow will love this haunting tale that showcases O'Barr's incredible art style and knack for spinning a gripping narrative. And if you're looking for more street-level thrills, look no further than "Street Shadows: True Love" by Kyle Garrett, Mark Bloodworth, and Vince Locke. With its realistic characters and intense action, this story will have you on the edge of your seat. Other stories in this issue include "Thrill-Kill" by Mark Winfrey and Daniel Roy McKinnon, "Nightstreets: A Preview" by Mark Bloodworth and Randy Zimmerman, and "IO" by Barbed Wire Halo Studios. Pick up Caliber Presents #1 today and discover the first appearance of some of the most beloved characters in modern comics.

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