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High Value: $2,500

Minimum Value: $30

MAD #7 (1953)

Ah, yes, dear reader, have you heard tell of the legendary MAD #7? This classic issue, released in the year of our comic book lords, 1953, is a true gem in the world of comics.

Within its hallowed pages, you'll find some of MAD's greatest spoofs, including a rib-tickling take on Sherlock Holmes and an uproarious version of Treasure Island. And that's not all, folks! This issue also features the early creations of the esteemed Harvey Kurtzman, including his iconic "Hey Look!" strip.

But wait, there's more! Fans of Wally Wood and John Severin will be pleased to know that they can find their masterful artwork within this very issue. And if you're a completionist, don't miss out on the Melvin Can't Find Mad storyline and the Subscription Ad featuring the one and only Will Elder.

At Comics Into Cash, we pride ourselves on our reputation for being knowledgeable about all things comic book related, and we can assure you that MAD #7 is a must-have for any true collector. So if you're looking to sell your collection, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We'll give your comics the appraisal they deserve and offer you a fair price for your treasures.

High Value: $1,700

Minimum Value: $21

MAD #16 (1954)

MAD #16 (1954) is a fantastic comic book that will delight any fan of the genre. The illustrations are done by famous artist Jack Davis, who has brought to life two hilarious stories titled "Newspapers!" and "Restaurant!". The witty storyline, combined with stunning artwork, is a treat for the eyes and the brain. The other story, "Shermlock Shomes in the Hound of the Basketballs," is illustrated by Will Elder and is equally entertaining. MAD #16 (1954) is a classic comic book that has stood the test of time and is a must-have for any serious collector. Contact Comics Into Cash today to find out how much your copy is worth!

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