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High Value: $3,000

Minimum Value: $36

Famous Funnies #14 (1935)

Famous Funnies #14, published in 1935, is a true gem of the comic book world. As the first comic book series ever published, it's not only a collector's item, but a piece of history.

In this particular issue, readers were introduced to several iconic comic book characters, such as Buck Rogers and Tarzan. The issue also features a thrilling story about a daring aviator who must save his kidnapped love interest from a band of ruthless foreign spies.

What sets this issue apart from others of its time is the quality of its artwork, especially for a book that was published over 80 years ago. The vibrant colors and intricate details make it a true work of art.

At Comics Into Cash, we understand the value of comic book history and the significance of a piece like Famous Funnies #14. Our team of experts ensures fair appraisals and offers top dollar for collections, especially those with rare and hard-to-find issues such as this one.

If you're looking to sell your comic book collection or get an accurate appraisal, choose Comics Into Cash for a trustworthy and reputable experience.

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