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Cindy Smith


High Value: $2,500

Minimum Value: $30

Cindy Comics #37 (1949)

Cindy Comics #37 is a classic comic book from 1949 that features the spunky and adventurous Cindy. In this issue, Cindy finds herself in a perilous situation when she is taken captive by a group of thieves who want to use her as a bargaining chip. With her quick thinking and resourcefulness, Cindy manages to turn the tables on her captors and escape their clutches. Along the way, she meets up with some new friends and has a few close calls, but ultimately emerges victorious.

If you happen to have a copy of Cindy Comics #37 in your collection, then you're in luck. This is a highly sought-after comic book that many collectors would love to get their hands on. Here at Comics Into Cash, we specialize in purchasing comic book collections, and we're always on the hunt for rare and valuable comics like this one. So if you're looking to sell your collection or just want to get an appraisal, then don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We'll make sure you get a fair price for your comics and that they end up in the hands of someone who will appreciate them just as much as you do.

High Value: $1,000

Minimum Value: $12

Cindy Comics #27 (1947)

Now, you may not be familiar with Cindy Comics #27 from 1947, but let me tell you, collectors and comic book enthusiasts alike know the value of this timeless piece. This particular issue features a variety of stories, including Her Caveman Rave-Man!, In the Dark!, Susan's Picnic, The Mechanic Panic!, Author! Author!, and The Model Mix-Up.

In Her Caveman Rave-Man!, Cindy finds herself transported back in time and comes face-to-face with a caveman, leading to a wild adventure. In In the Dark!, Cindy finds herself in a creepy haunted mansion, where she must navigate her way through the darkness and solve a mystery.

In Susan's Picnic, Cindy's friend Susan invites her on a picnic, but things quickly take a turn for the worse when they get lost in the woods. The Mechanic Panic! sees Cindy's car breaking down, leading her to seek help from a shady mechanic.

As for Author! Author!, Cindy finds herself in a precarious situation when she's asked to write a book that will determine the fate of her friend's career. Lastly, The Model Mix-Up! sees Cindy come to the rescue of a friend who is unwittingly roped into a modeling scam.

Overall, Cindy Comics #27 is a perfect example of classic comic book storytelling, offering a variety of exciting and engaging stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat. And if you're looking to sell your comic book collection, Comics Into Cash is the place to go. Our reputation for expertise and fairness means you can trust us with your valuable comics.

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