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Chuck Dawson


High Value: $2,200

Minimum Value: $27

Strange Tales #91 (1961)

In Strange Tales #91, a collection of stories are presented. One such tale is "The Sacrifice!" where a tribe in Africa must appease their god with a sacrifice. However, the person chosen for this sacrifice is not willing to go quietly. In "Strange Mission," a robotic alien arrives on Earth and causes chaos until a brave scientist steps up to stop him. "The Coming of the Giants" sees a group of explorers discovering a secret underground world inhabited by massive giants. "The Mask of Morgumm!" tells the story of an ancient artifact and the powerful magic it possesses. Finally, "The Warning!" features a man whose dreams are coming true, but the consequences may be more than he bargained for.

As comic book collectors, we understand the importance of finding rare and unique additions to your collection. Strange Tales #91 offers not only individual stories, but a variety of genres to appeal to many readers. Trust in our expertise and reputation to appraise and purchase your collection directly. Let Comics Into Cash be your go-to for selling your comic books and ensuring you receive a fair price for your valuable possessions.

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