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High Value: $3,500

Minimum Value: $42

Amazing Adult Fantasy #7 (1961)

Amazing Adult Fantasy #7 (1961) is a thrilling and captivating story about a man who discovers an impending alien invasion. He finds a crashed spaceship and a log book that indicates an alien has disguised itself as a human to scout Earth. Terrified of the threat to humanity, he runs through the streets warning people, but no one believes him. His efforts to seek help from the police, army, and Space Agency are all in vain until he meets Professor Crater. However, the twist in the plot comes when the man realizes that the one person he thought could help him is, in fact, the alien he was trying to warn everyone about! The story is titled "Why Won't They Believe Me?" and is one of the standout titles from the Amazing Adult Fantasy collection. At Comics Into Cash, we value the trust and reputation we have built with our customers by providing expert appraisal and purchase services for comic book collections.

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