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Amazing Adventures #11 (1972)

The Amazing Adventures #11 (1972) comic book, which features the first furry appearance of the Beast, is a must-read for all comic book aficionados. In this issue, the blue-furred creature gets caught up in a dangerous encounter with a security guard outside of a genetic research lab. The story takes an interesting turn when the Beast flees to the office of Hank McCoy, but to his dismay realizes that he can never revert back to his old human form.

As the story progresses, McCoy begins working at the Brand Corporation and falls in love with Miss Linda Donaldson, Maddicks's assistant. However, his research into mutation reveals a shocking truth that puts his life in danger. To save himself, McCoy turns himself into the blue-furred monster, which he confirms is truly his Beast form. The issue continues to explore McCoy's struggles with his newfound identity and emotions.

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