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Andy Taylor


High Value: $2,000

Minimum Value: $24

Four Color #1341 (1962)

Four Color #1341 is a stunning classic, published way back in 1962. This comic book is truly a masterpiece, and its hero is none other than the iconic Buck Jones. In this issue, Buck ventures into the wilds of Montana, where he finds himself caught up in a web of danger and adventure.

The story starts off with Buck being called to investigate a string of robberies that have been plaguing the area. When he arrives, he quickly discovers that the robberies are being masterminded by a group of ruthless outlaws, who will stop at nothing to get what they want. Buck's only hope is to outwit his enemies and bring them to justice.

As the story unfolds, Buck finds himself embroiled in all sorts of thrilling escapades, from horseback chases to gunfights and everything in between. But despite the danger, he never loses his cool or his determination to see justice done. In the end, Buck emerges victorious, having saved the day and captured the bad guys.

If you're a fan of western comics, Four Color #1341 is an absolute must-read. It's packed with action, adventure, and all the classic elements of a great cowboy story. So saddle up and get ready for the ride of your life – this book is one wild ride you won't want to miss!

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