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High Value: $3,400

Minimum Value: $41

Four Color #105 (1946)

Four Color #105, released in 1946, features the first appearance of Donald Duck in comic book form. In this wacky adventure, Donald decides to take up a career in movie making and with the help of his nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, hilarity ensues as they attempt to create their own Hollywood blockbuster.

As a classic piece of Disney history, Four Color #105 is a must-have for any serious comic book collector. The colorful artwork and witty dialogue perfectly capture the spirit of Donald Duck and his mischievous antics. And with its historical significance as his first comic book appearance, it's no surprise that this issue is highly sought after by collectors.

At Comics Into Cash, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise in the comic book industry. Our team of experts can appraise your collection and offer top dollar for top-quality comics like Four Color #105. Trust us to help you turn your inherited collection into cash today.

High Value: $2,500

Minimum Value: $30

Four Color #148 (1947)

Four Color #148 is a timeless classic that comic book enthusiasts will absolutely adore. The story is centered around Donald Duck, who finds himself caught up in an amusingly chaotic adventure. We won't spoil the details, but let's just say that Donald's usual mischievous escapades are taken to a whole new level. What makes this comic book truly special is its stunning artwork, which was expertly crafted by the legendary Carl Barks. Four Color #148 is a must-have for any collector looking for a classic, well-crafted comic book that showcases the best of what the medium has to offer. So if you're looking to add a bit of nostalgia to your collection, be sure to check out this timeless gem.

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