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High Value: $8,200

Minimum Value: $99

Adventure Comics #38 (1939)

Adventure Comics #38 (1939) is a classic comic book that takes readers on an exciting journey filled with action, adventure, and intrigue. The Suicide of Major Duval: Part 2 follows the story of Barry O'Neill, as he attempts to uncover the truth behind Major Duval's untimely demise. This gripping tale will keep readers on the edge of their seats as they follow O'Neill's journey to uncover the truth.

The White Witch: Part 2 is another exciting story that follows the adventures of Cotton Carver. In this thrilling sequel, Carver will confront new challenges and obstacles as he tries to outsmart his foes. The art by George Newman is simply stunning, and readers are sure to love the amazing attention to detail.

Reefer Madness is a classic marijuana story that is as relevant today as it was back in 1939. This gripping tale by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster is a cautionary tale about the dangers of drugs and their often disastrous consequences.

Wolf Rucker's Trap is an engaging story that will keep readers hooked from beginning to end. Jim Chambers' script and art are simply exceptional, and the story is full of exciting twists and turns.

Auctioneer Dossier is another great story by Gardner Fox and Don Lynch, featuring the adventures of Steve Malone. This fast-paced tale will keep readers engaged as they follow Malone's exciting journey through the world of auctioneering.

Captured By Col. Benback: Part 1 follows the great Captain Desmo, as he faces off against his arch-nemesis, Col. Benback. Ed Winiarski's script and art are simply fantastic, and readers are sure to love Capt. Desmo's exciting tale.

Hong, the Tyrant is an engaging story by Jim Chambers, featuring the adventures of Tom Brent as he tries to overthrow a tyrant ruler. The story is full of action and adventure, and the art is simply stunning.

To Pitch Against the Yankees is a classic baseball story by Tom Hickey, featuring the adventures of Skip Schuyler. This exciting tale follows Schuyler's journey as he tries to outsmart the Yankees and lead his team to victory.

The Pirate Ship: Part 14 follows Rusty and his pals on another exciting adventure. Bob Kane's script and art are simply superb, and readers are sure to love this engaging tale.

It Ends With an Alligator--Anchors Aweigh! is an exciting adventure by Fred Guardineer that follows the journey of a group of sailors as they battle an alligator. This fast-paced tale is full of action and adventure, and the art is simply stunning.

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