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A Tale of Horror


High Value: $810

Minimum Value: $10

Tales of Horror #8 (1953)

Tales of Horror #8 from 1953 brings us spine-tingling tales of terror and fright! One story features a cursed painting that brings death and destruction to all who gaze upon it. In another story, a group of travelers find themselves trapped in a haunted house with a sinister secret. And if that's not enough to get your heart racing, there's also a tale of greedy treasure hunters who discover a cursed tomb and pay the ultimate price for their greed. This classic horror comic is a must-have for any collector of spine-chilling tales. So, if you're looking to add some hair-raising stories to your collection, look no further than Tales of Horror #8!

High Value: $810

Minimum Value: $10

Tales of Horror #6 (1953)

Tales of Horror #6 (1953) is a spine-tingling experience that will leave you on edge. The cover alone is enough to give you goosebumps - a horrifying depiction of a hooded figure looming over a cowering victim.

Inside, the stories are just as chilling. From a cursed island where the dead rise from their graves to seek revenge, to a haunted doll that brings death wherever it goes, this issue is not for the faint of heart.

But what sets Tales of Horror #6 apart is its twist ending. Just when you think you have the story figured out, the rug is pulled out from under you and the true horror is revealed.

If you're a fan of horror comics or just looking for a good scare, Tales of Horror #6 is a must-read. And if you happen to have a collection of horror comics, Comics Into Cash is the place to go for a fair appraisal and easy selling process. Trust us to give your collection the respect and expertise it deserves.

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