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Pelican Publications (Funnies, Inc.)


High Value: $70,000

Minimum Value: $840

Green Giant Comics #1 (1940)

Green Giant Comics #1 is a piece of comic book history, and it's no wonder why. This single issue introduces us to The Green Giant, a hero with the ability to grow from his normal height of 6 feet to a towering 30 feet. Not only that, but he can fly too! With such impressive abilities, it's easy to see why The Green Giant became an instant classic.

But that's not all this issue has to offer. Doctor Nerod, a super scientist, fights against villains who seem to be of Japanese origin. Meanwhile, Mundoo of the Northwest, a rugged man in a check shirt, combats wolves in the Great White North. And Kar Toon and his Copy Cat tell the story of a boy inventor who uses his hand-built camera to bring a drawing to life.

Then there's Master Mystic, a mystery man who lives in a windowless and doorless tower at the North Pole. Using his mastery of "mind over matter," he fights evil, including his first foe, Rango of Slavonia, who can transform himself into a giant.

Finally, Lucky Lane, The Researcher, and Nobby Hobbie round out the cast of characters in this classic comic. Released in New York City by Pelican Publications, it's a shame that this experiment in comic book publishing failed due to color registration issues. But for comic book enthusiasts and collectors, Green Giant Comics #1 is a must-have for your collection.

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