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High Value: $1,600

Minimum Value: $20

Foxhole #1 (1954)

In this gripping issue of Foxhole #1 from 1954, readers are swept up into a world of intense wartime drama. The stories within, such as "A Day at the Beach" and "Casualty," explore the harsh realities of war, while "Eight Ball Hero" and "Fruit Salad" offer moments of respite and hope in the midst of chaos.

If you happen to have a copy of Foxhole #1 in your collection, you may be in possession of something truly special. At Comics Into Cash, we understand the value of each and every comic book, and we're dedicated to providing fair and honest appraisals to our clients. Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about selling your comic book collection - we're here to help you every step of the way.

High Value: $1,200

Minimum Value: $14

Foxhole #2 (1954)

Foxhole #2 (1954) is a gripping war comic book that captures the true spirit of the battlefield. This heart-wrenching story follows a platoon of soldiers as they fight bravely for their country amidst the chaos and horrors of war. We witness their triumphs and their struggles as they navigate the dangers of enemy fire, minefields, and treacherous terrain. Through it all, we see the bond between these soldiers grow stronger as they rely on each other for survival. If you have Foxhole #2 in your collection, we urge you to contact us for a free appraisal or to sell your collection to us. We value transparency and fairness in all our transactions, and we'll make sure you get a price that truly reflects the worth of your collection. Don't wait, let us help you turn your comics into cash today!

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