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High Value: $170,000

Minimum Value: $2,000

Captain Marvel Adventures #1 (1941)

With a boundless imagination and an unshakeable reputation for quality, Captain Marvel Adventures #1 (1941) is a book that demands attention. Inside this 64 page tome, readers will find a wealth of riveting stories, each one more thrilling than the last. From the dramatic showdown between Captain Marvel and Z to the wild, wild west showdown that unfolds Out West, this book is jam-packed with the kind of action and adventure that has captivated audiences for generations.

But that's not all - Captain Marvel Adventures #1 is also chock full of engaging activities and puzzles. Test your wits with the Captain Marvel Pencil Puzzle Page, marvel at the Monsters of Saturn, and indulge your inner child with Billy Batson's Page of Games. And let's not forget about the spooky storyline featuring The Vampire - an unforgettable tale of danger, intrigue, and mystery.

For collectors and comic book enthusiasts alike, Captain Marvel Adventures #1 is a true treasure. With its vibrant illustrations, gripping narratives, and engaging extras, this book is the embodiment of everything that makes comic books so special. And if you happen to be lucky enough to have a copy of this incredible book in your possession, you owe it to yourself to get in touch with Comics Into Cash. Our expert team of appraisers will give you a free appraisal and a fair price for your collection. Don't wait - contact us today!

High Value: $50,000

Minimum Value: $600

The Marvel Family #1 (1945)

Now, if you happen to have The Marvel Family #1 (1945) in your collection, boy oh boy do I have some good news for you. This classic comic book tells the tale of the Marvel Family and their fight against the notorious villain, Black Adam. The story begins with the old wizard Shazam narrating the origin stories of each of the Marvel Family members, but things take a turn when Black Adam shows up on Earth. The entire Marvel Family must band together to stop him in his tracks.

If you're looking to sell your comic book collection, especially one that includes gems like The Marvel Family #1, you're in luck. At Comics Into Cash, we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable and experienced in the comic book market. We offer free appraisals to help you determine the value of your collection, and we promise to offer you a fair price for your treasures. Don't hesitate to contact us today to learn more about how we can help you turn your comic books into cash.

High Value: $41,000

Minimum Value: $500

Master Comics #1 (1940)

Master Comics #1 from 1940 is a bonafide classic and the quintessential superhero comic book that started it all. This mag includes a plethora of fantastic stories and unforgettable characters that have cemented themselves in comic book lore. From the origin story of Master Man to the adventures of the intrepid Boy Newsreel Reporter, this issue is packed to the brim with exciting tales that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

The comic book features Master Man, an all-American hero who gains incredible strength and agility after being exposed to a mysterious gas. He soon finds himself locked in a battle against evil and injustice, fighting to protect the innocent and uphold justice. Meanwhile, the Jeweled Crown of Ramistan finds the heroic White Rajah traveling to save a kidnapped prince from a gang of ruthless thieves.

Other stories include Enter: The Devil's Dagger, where Devil's Dagger, a master of disguise, fights against a sinister villain attempting to steal the country's top-secret weapons system. And in The Island of Felicia, Morton Murch, The Hillbilly Hero, grapples with a group of pirates that have seized control of a highly coveted island.

This comic book also introduces new and exciting characters like the enigmatic Mr. Clue and Streak Sloan, the Boy Newsreel Reporter. From the Search for Harrington Grey to the thrilling battle against Sidi-Ahmed in Showdown with Sidi-Ahmed, Master Comics #1 delivers a wide range of action-packed stories that are sure to impress even the most discerning comic book fan.

If you're looking for a piece of comic book history or want to expand your collection with a classic title, Master Comics #1 is an absolute must-have. Don't miss out on this chance to own a true gem of the golden age of comics. Trust us, you won't be disappointed.

High Value: $41,000

Minimum Value: $500

Captain Marvel Adventures #18 (1942)

Captain Marvel Adventures #18 is a must-have for any serious comic book collector. This classic 1942 issue marks the exciting introduction of Mary Marvel, making it a truly special addition to any comic book collection. The creative genius of Otto Binder is on full display in this issue, with incredible stories like "Captain Marvel Fights a Nightmare" and "The Three Wishes of Tim Tucker" that keep readers on the edge of their seats. Plus, there's plenty of comedic relief with "Giggle Gags" and "Strange But True" facts. Don't miss out on this gem, and add Captain Marvel Adventures #18 to your collection today!

High Value: $34,000

Minimum Value: $400

Special Edition Comics #1 (1940)

Special Edition Comics #1, published back in 1940, holds a special place in the hearts of comic book collectors and connoisseurs alike. It features four thrilling stories including "The Menace of Dr. Allirog", where our hero battles an evil scientist who has developed a deadly ray gun. "The Haunted House" takes us through a spooky mystery, where a detective must uncover the secrets of a haunted mansion. "Gamblers of Death" takes place in the seedy underworld of the gambling industry, where our hero fights for justice against a group of ruthless criminals. Lastly, "Sivana the Weather Wizard" sees our hero facing off against a mad scientist who has harnessed the power of nature to wreak havoc on the world.

This comic book is not only a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of the comic book industry at the time, but also a snapshot into the cultural and societal norms of the era. It is a valuable addition to any collector's shelf and a must-have for those seeking a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

At Comics Into Cash, we take pride in our knowledge and expertise in the comic book world. Our Top 100 lists and price guides are designed to provide our clients with the confidence and assurance that they are dealing with a reputable and trustworthy business. We understand the sentimental value that comic book collections hold and our goal is to make the process of selling or appraising your collection as seamless and stress-free as possible. Contact us today to learn more.

High Value: $32,000

Minimum Value: $380

Master Comics #21 (1941)

Master Comics #21, a classic comic book published in 1941, features the superhero Captain Marvel, also known as Billy Batson, as he faces off against his archenemy, Dr. Sivana. In this issue, Dr. Sivana develops a plan to steal the energy of lightning bolts and use it to power his latest invention, the Inertia Beam. With the fate of the world at stake, Captain Marvel must stop Dr. Sivana before it's too late.

If you happen to have a copy of this legendary comic book, don't hesitate to contact Comics Into Cash. We would be honored to provide you with a free appraisal of your collection or purchase it from you at a fair price. As a trusted and reputable business, we are committed to ensuring that our customers receive the best possible service and prices. So why wait? Let us help you turn your comics into cash today!

High Value: $28,000

Minimum Value: $340

Master Comics #22 (1942)

Master Comics #22 (1942) features the beloved Captain Marvel, created by artist C.C. Beck and writer Bill Parker. In this issue, Captain Marvel faces off against the villainous Black Adam, a former champion of the wizard Shazam who turned to evil.

As Black Adam uses his powers to wreak havoc and destruction, it's up to Captain Marvel to save the day and stop his dastardly plans. But when the two superpowered beings clash, it's a battle of epic proportions - one that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Master Comics #22 is a classic comic book that is sure to delight fans of superhero stories, and it's an important piece of comic book history. If you're a collector or just looking for a thrilling read, it's definitely worth adding to your collection. At Comics Into Cash, we value stories like these and pride ourselves on being knowledgeable about the history and significance of comic book culture. Trust us to give you a fair valuation for your collection, and to provide a new home for comics like this one to be appreciated for years to come.

High Value: $25,000

Minimum Value: $300

Whiz Comics #25 (1941)

Whiz Comics #25, published in 1941, is a must-have for any serious collector. This issue features the first appearance of one of the most beloved superheroes of all time, Captain Marvel Jr.

The story follows young Freddie Freeman, a newsboy who is saved from a deadly blast by Captain Marvel. Freddie is left with a serious injury, and the only way to save his life is for Captain Marvel to transfer some of his powers to him. Freddie becomes Captain Marvel Jr., a hero in his own right, and joins the fight against evil alongside his mentor.

This comic is a true gem in the comic book world, not only for the first appearance of a beloved character but also for the timeless themes of heroism, friendship, and perseverance. As a trusted source in the comic book industry, we highly recommend adding Whiz Comics #25 to your collection.

High Value: $21,000

Minimum Value: $250

Captain Marvel Adventures #2 (1941)

Captain Marvel Adventures #2 is a comic book that's been passed down through generations, and if you're lucky enough to come across it, it's definitely worth getting appraised or selling to us for a fair price. In this issue, you'll find a variety of exciting stories that include everything from a game of Play Square with our hero to an invasion from Mars. But things really heat up with The Curse of the Scorpion and The Arson Fiend. Trust us, you won't want to miss out on what happens to Captain Marvel in these thrilling tales. So, if you have this comic book in your collection, don't hesitate to contact us for a free appraisal or to sell your collection directly to Comics Into Cash. We know comic books, and we know how to treat our customers right.

High Value: $19,000

Minimum Value: $220

Xmas Comics #1 (1941)

Xmas Comics #1, published in 1941, is a true gem of the comic book world. This holiday-themed comic features stories of goodwill and generosity, reminding us of the true spirit of Christmas. One of the standout tales is "The Christmas Adventure of Flash Gordon," in which Flash and his companions visit a far-off planet to bring Christmas cheer to its inhabitants. Another memorable story is "The Boy Who Laughed at Santa Claus," which teaches us about the importance of believing in the magic of the season.

If you are a collector who is lucky enough to have Xmas Comics #1 in your possession, we urge you to reach out to us. We offer free appraisals and fair prices for comic book collections, especially those that are as rare and valuable as this one. Let Comics Into Cash help you give your collection the care and attention it deserves.

High Value: $18,000

Minimum Value: $220

Captain Marvel Adventures #21 (1943)

With Captain Marvel Adventures #21 (1943), readers are in for a real treat. This comic has it all - action, adventure, and even a touch of humor in the form of the Daniel Boone, Jr. strip. But what really sets this issue apart are the standout stories, all written by some of the best in the business.

First up is "The Sinister Soothsayer" written by Otto Binder. This story sees Captain Marvel facing off against a villain who can predict the future - and seems to have it out for the World's Mightiest Mortal. What ensues is a thrilling battle of wits and strength that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

But Binder isn't done there. He also penned "The Honesty Ray," a story that sees Captain Marvel using his powers to take down Hitler himself. It's a bold move, but one that pays off in spades.

Rounding out the issue is "Past Into Present," a full-text story by Carl G. Hodges that explores the concept of time travel, and "The Time He Didn't Show Up," another thrilling tale by Binder.

All in all, Captain Marvel Adventures #21 is an absolute must-read for any comic book fan. With its top-notch storytelling and unforgettable characters, it's sure to leave you wanting more. And with Comics Into Cash, you can trust that you're getting the best possible price for your collection. So what are you waiting for? Bring in your inherited comics today and turn them into cash!

High Value: $18,000

Minimum Value: $210

Bulletman #1 (1941)

Bulletman #1, originally published in 1941, is a fantastic comic book and one that I'm particularly fond of. It tells the story of Jim Barr, a scientific genius who uses his inventions to become Bulletman, a superhero with super-strength, the ability to fly, and a powerful right hook.

In this first issue, we see Jim working on his latest invention when he hears a cry for help outside. Rushing to investigate, he discovers a group of robbers stealing from a jewelry store. Without hesitation, Jim dons his Bulletman outfit and leaps into action, saving the day and bringing the criminals to justice.

The rest of the issue is filled with excitement, as Bulletman takes on a gang of thieves, foils a bank robbery, and rescues a kidnapped scientist. All the while, we get to see the inner workings of Jim's mind as he analyzes the problems he faces and uses his incredible intellect to save the day.

If you happen to have a copy of Bulletman #1 in your collection, you're in luck. This is a highly sought-after comic book, and one that we at Comics Into Cash would be more than happy to appraise for you. If you're thinking about selling your collection, we offer fair prices and are always looking for new additions to our inventory. Don't hesitate to get in touch and let us help you turn your comic books into cash.

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