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High Value: $1,300

Minimum Value: $16

Popeye #1 (1948)

This is a brief summary of a one-of-a-kind comic book that deserves to be in the hands of true collectors. Popeye #1 (1948) is a unique addition to any comic book collection, especially because it's the first Popeye comic book from that year. The comic book includes five different stories, each with engaging, funny characters that will keep you entertained. In Shame on You!, Popeye has to take on Kid Kabbage in a match that's not exactly fair. In Spinach Revolt, Popeye's father becomes fed up with always eating spinach and decides to change up his diet. And in Map Back!, or Back Map!, Swee'Pea becomes the unwitting carrier of a treasure map. These are only a few of the wild and colorful stories in this amazing comic book. If you happen to have it, don't hesitate to contact us for a free appraisal and for your opportunity to contribute to our growing collection. Sell your comic book to us and rest assured that you'll be getting a fair price that matches its true value. Would you be the lucky owner of Popeye #1? Contact us now!

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