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All-Negro Comics


High Value: $45,000

Minimum Value: $540

All-Negro Comics #1 (1947)

All-Negro Comics #1 is a groundbreaking comic book that was published in 1947. This comic book features an all-Black lineup of characters that were created by Black writers and artists. The comic book industry was, unfortunately, segregated during this time, and it was incredibly difficult for Black creators to have their work published. All-Negro Comics #1 was a response to this systemic racism and was an important step towards greater inclusivity in the comic book industry.

The stories in this comic book range from action-packed adventures to heartwarming tales of family and community. One story, "Ace Harlem," follows a private detective as he solves a high-profile murder case. Another story, "Lion Man and Bucky," tells the story of an African king and his young sidekick as they fight against injustice in their nation. Each story is beautifully illustrated and showcases the talent of Black artists and writers.

All-Negro Comics #1 was a critical success and sold out almost immediately upon its release. It remains a highly sought-after collector's item and a testament to the power of inclusivity in comics. If you're looking to add a piece of comic book history to your collection, then All-Negro Comics #1 is a must-have.

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