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About Us

The story behind the Infinity Comics Founders, Jamie and Dave - Two guys who love collecting old comic books.

Well, we'd LIKE to be able to tell you a story that the idea for Infinity Comics that began in the hearts and minds of a couple of guys who came from humble beginnings, guys who weren't rich monetarily but blessed with the love of collecting comic books and the dream that someday they would be able to share their passion with thousands of others around the world. We'd LIKE to say that those guys love of super heroes and Collectible Comics along with some ambition, hard work and luck made their dream come true today.

We'd LIKE to be able to say all that but, well… hey, WAIT A MINUTE! We CAN SAY IT! It's TRUE - That IS the real story!

Jamie and Dave are just a couple of guys who are fanatical fans of comic books and collecting, and started Infinity Comics with the advantages of knowing exactly what other collectors want.

A True Comic Collectors Store, Built by Collectors - For Collectors.

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Important Stuff to Know

Inventory - Literally thousands of books to choose from and always changing. We pride ourselves on offering the best quality comics in all categories. And we're always adding more books, more categories and varied price levels to make sure your experience is more fun. As collectors ourselves, we know what you want, so we go out and get it. Simple. 

Grading - We practice strict, consistent grading of all our books. The same kind of grading you'd do if you examined a book in your own hands. Why? Because we're Collectors just like you and we know what standards you expect and demand for grading books.

Customer Service - Friendly, fun, consistent customer service is the ONLY service you'll get from the owners themselves. Satisfaction guaranteed on every comic purchased from Infinity Comics. No brag. Just fact. You can ask our customers or collector friends who have purchased books from us.

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Sell Old Comic Books

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